Pitches and washing facilities on a deluxe level

In summer and in winter  the Tirol Camp in Fieberbrunn offers top camping standards. On the spacious terraced area there are 304  comfort pitches and 26 deluxe places. The washing facilities are the most modern availiable.

Pitches with something extra
Comfort pitches
Comfort pitches

Comfort pitches
On our spacious comfort pitches you have space and all necessary connections:

Size: 90 - 120 sqm per pitch
Electricity (10A)
Direct gas connection or bottle exchange,
Water & sewer hookups
TV, wireless

DeLuxe pitches
DeLuxe pitches

DeLuxe pitches

In addition to the facilities of the comfort pitch you have a private, heated bathroom right on your pitch.

Modern wash areas
Modern wash areas
Modern wash areas

Modern wash areas

Both the wash area in the main house, as well as the comfort bathrooms are of the most modern standard  with a certain feel-good factor.
We pay particular attention to the cleanliness of our facilities and the water is of the highest drinking quality.

Washing, Washers & Dryers
Washing, Washers & Dryers

Washing, Washers & Dryers

In the main house you will find the sink for dishes,there is also a laundry room with washers and dryers. Detergents can also be obtained from us.

Campsite Regulations

Campsite Regulations

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to our guests at TIROL CAMP.
The Tirol-Camp team is here to make sure your camping holiday is as comfortable as possible.
Here is a summary of a few essential rules and regulations intended to ensure the comfort and relaxation of every camper.

We provide you with a comfort pitch which is available for your use only.
The area is big enough to accommodate your car. You can of course reserve a pitch.

We request that vehicles should not be parked on neighbouring pitches or left in front of the restaurant. When eating there, please use the guest parking area near the entrance or the “Energiebrunnen” parking area.

Visitors are requested not to drive in and around the campsite. They may use the parking area provided.

The sanitary blocks are located on the lower level of Tirol Camp’s main building and in the block of holiday apartments.
Please leave the area and any machines in a clean state.
Please use hot water sparingly so that everyone may enjoy some.

Causing deliberate damage or leaving areas dirty will be systematically brought to our attention and followed by a reprimand.

All the pitches are equipped with waste-water disposal facilities.
On the campsite, one is not allowed to dispose of waste water by other means.
In addition, it is possible to use the outlet of the “Winterbrunnen” for waste-water disposal.

Located in the upper sanitary block and in the recycling area is a chemical disposal point. In addition, there are motor-caravan services available behind the recycling station.

“Drying rooms” are available in the sanitary blocks for drying wet clothes and shoes and for hanging washing.

The accumulated waste must be disposed of in the appropriate containers. It is understood that children are not allowed to separate waste.

For security reasons, fireworks, bangers and bonfires are forbidden on the campsite and the surrounding area.

Midday rest period: noon to 2pm Night-time rest period: 10pm to 8am

During these times, the barrier is closed and driving around the campsite is not possible. (Please use the lower parking area).

Departure time is before noon (otherwise another night will be charged) Taking care of children and youngsters is the responsibility of parents.

It is also their duty to accompany their children to the toilets, the showers and waste-disposal areas. The same applies to the use of playgrounds and swimming pools.
We are not responsible for damage or loss of your belongings.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that your pitch and surrounding area should be kept clean. When leaving the campsite, please dispose of wooden platforms, stones and rubbish etc, in the appropriate places. Otherwise, a pitch-cleaning fee of 50 euros will be charged.

Dogs must be on a lead within the entire campsite and the village of Fieberbrunn.
Dogs are without exception not allowed in the Reception area, the shop, and the areas of the swimming pool and pond. Dog owners must dispose of any dog litter.

The gas and electricity connections on your caravan or motor caravan must be checked by a specialist and the ventilation must remain open.

In winter, the main paths within the campsite are not cleared of snow in order to allow skiers to move around. Caravans will not be cleared of snow by us. Before winter starts, awnings should be protected (danger of collapsing). Our staff will be pleased to help you with this task.
We are not responsible for damage caused by snow.

We will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have and look forward to your comments. And if anything is wrong, which sometimes happens, we kindly ask you to let us know.