Fitness required

In our 65 m² gym in a  huge variety of exercise equipment is available, so you will leave the  Tirol-Camp very fit!

Fitness facilities
Fitness facilities

In our gym fitness is required, but do not worry: you will have fun as well.

From the modern changing rooms with showers to the high-quality equipment in the studio, we place great emphasis on quality. On request we will give you instruction on how to use the equipment or you can take a personal trainer.

The fitness facilities in Tirol-Camp can be used as non-overnight guest!

Fitness required
Fitness required

In the gym you will find:

  • Treadmill, elliptical stepper, rowing machine and cycling trainer
  • Back and abdominal muscle exercise equipment
  • Leg extension and multi-station
  • Shoulder and back stations
  • Chest and triceps station
  • Biceps / triceps & abductors station
  • Numerous weights & dumbbells
  • Electronic balance board, step board and exercise mat

Prices for the gym:
Day ticket: € 5 monthly ticket: € 40.- Season ticket: € 120.-

Our tip: Combine your fitness day with a visit to our Wellnessarea "Energiebrunnen"!