Dogs are welcome in the Tirol-Camp

Your four legged friend will definitely feel at home in the Tirol-Camp. Wide open areas for running around in the fresh mountain air.

Every paying dog will receive a welcome present from us:

  • Tasty treats
  • A dog toy
  • Dog waste bags

Dogs are welcome with us

Please follow the following rules so your holiday will be enjoyable for you and for us!

In the following areas dogs are not allowed

  • Tirol Stuberl Restaurant
  • Toilet and washing areas
  • Pool areas, outdoor swimming area
  • Wellness area and Relaxation studio

Rules regarding dogs being kept on the lead

  • In the camping area and in Fieberbrunn dogs must be kept on the lead without exception.
  • There are local and county regulations that must be adhered to regarding to keeping dogs on the lead, if not they are not heavy fines may be imposed.
  • St Ulrich has an area by the Pillersee lake where dogs are allowed to be exercised off the lead. • This is where your dog can exercise off the lead; park in the public car park in St Ulrich opposite the Hotel Brauwirt and walk in the direction of the lake. By the Kneipp you will see a sign for the dog lead free area.

Dog waste removal

  • Dog waste must be removed (because of this there are numerous dog toilet areas on our site and a container by the rubbish separation for you to use)
  • Unfortunately we have continual complaints from our local farmers, other holidaymakers and local residents. It is sadly the case that many dog owners let their dogs run free and do not remove their waste. Also in country areas the waste must be removed. Dog waste does not rot down and contains bacteria that makes the hay unusable. Farmers must then remove the dog waste from the hay as it can make the cattle ill.
  • Dog waste must also be removed in winter when is will not break down naturally. In spring our personnel must clear the surrounding fields and meadows from dog waste which is obviously no fun and has a cost.

With your dog in the mountains

  • In Fieberbrunn dogs must be kept on the lead. Regardless of the legal aspects, if the dog remains on the lead are parties are safer, the dog, the owner, the wildlife and the hunter. This is even more important in protected areas and in the vicinity of wildlife feeding zones.
  • Also in cattle grazing areas it is better to give the animals a wide berth, should that not be possible then be ready to let the dog off the lead so it may get away from any bad tempered cattle.
  • Should you wish to overnight in a mountain hut with your dog, it is advisable to check with the mountain hut if they have sleeping areas for dogs and if they are available? Sleeping areas in mountain huts are normally taboo for dogs – a night separated from your dog on the mountain can be avoided.